...to our world of the quality and hygienic - a world of fast food. Dedicated throughout to the freshness of natural ingredients prepared right before you eyes, our concepts, universal appeal has been embraced by people of all age group, background and culture.

Winter tilbud

We are offer in this winter our two menus, Royal steak and Enter cote with the best price. We made nice grill in front of you. Royal steak is totally without fat and entrecote is comes with 15% fat which are serving with the mix salads pomise fries and béarnaise sauces.

Choosen One

Shawarma menu is the one of the most sales item in every time. All kind of people like this one either younger kids or grandparents. It is the best menu with French fries, cola and of course shawarma sandwich. It comes with cheap price comparing to whole menu.

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